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How We Started Recycle4Wishes

Hi my name is Sophia and I’m about to tell you the story of Recycle4Wishes.
Picking up recyclables in the neighborhood

The story begins when I was at school. My PE teacher was raising money to dig a well in Africa. So, this gave me an idea to have a recycling program where all the money goes to charities like Make A Wish.

I’m doing this for one of my friends because he was a Make A Wish kid when he was younger. He had Cancer but thankfully he survived.
My Sister Allison helps me sort the cans and bottles at the recycling centers

We have been collecting bottles and cans from friends and neighbors. Then I decided to talk to companies to see if they would donate.

My sister and I made our first signs with the help of my Dad and Uncle Ryan from Slickage who is donating his time to help with our web site.
Our "Thank You" sign

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