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Turn plastic and glass into hope!

Donate your recyclables or your time to raise money for good causes while helping to clean up the environment!

Sophia Yu collecting recyclables for donation
Allison sorting recyclables for donation
Sophia and Allison Yu collecting donated recyclables at Mercedes-Benz of Honolulu
A note from our founder

Hi, I’m Sophia!

Last year, a friend of mine was a Make A Wish Kid. His journey inspired me to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation. I started by recycling bottles and cans at home and donating the money I earned.

To raise more money, I took my red wagon around to our neighbors' houses to ask for their recyclable bottles and cans (my sister helped me pull the wagon).

A few weeks later, I was walking through Ala Moana with my mom and decided I wanted to ask the stores in the mall if they would be willing to donate their recyclables. We went into the Tesla showroom, I talked to the manager about collecting and donating recyclables to raise money for the Make A Wish foundation, and they said they would love to help!

The amount of recyclable goods that Tesla donated was more than we expected. That’s when we realized we would need some help. My dad and I talked about how we could do more, and we decided we should build an app that allows businesses to schedule pickups of recyclable goods, and lets other people pitch in to pickup and donate the goods!

So here we are... welcome to the our web app! If you’re a business (or person) with recyclables and you would like to donate, please sign up and schedule a pickup. If you can help by picking up and transporting the goods to the recycling center, please sign up and take a look at the list of available pickups.

Thanks again for helping us turn bottles and cans into hope!

Sophia Yu
(Founder of Recycle 4 Wishes)

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Hello, this is Sophia's dad.

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